Cats I Ain’t Never Seen On TV – The Jacka

Even with cable TV there are so many artists that we never see. Thanks to youtube I’ll try to highlight some of these cats that deserve a bit more attention and give you some background on them too.

The Jacka:

  • hails from Pittsburg, California
  • began career in 1999 in a group formed by C-Bo called “Mob Figaz” alongside AP.9, Husalah, Ridah and Fed X
  • has released 4 solo albums – Jacka of the Mob Figaz(2001), The Jack Artist(2005), Jack Of All Trades(2006) and Tear Gas(2009)
  • has been involved in numerous collaborations and compilations with other Cali artists
  • “Tear Gas” guest spots included E-40, Zion I, Freeway, Devin The Dude, Paul Wall, Cormega, Planet Asia and Mistah F.A

One of my favourite Jacka joints off “The Jack Artist” is called “Barney (More Crime)”.

The chorus reads:

Sellin’ dope is cool but rap is on my mind
It’s hard to do them both and get my bread at the same time
High as fuck off purple man I’m out my mind
Gotta grab my strap boy it’s time to do some more crime


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