Hip Hop Video Of The Day – Tues 29/9/2009

I remember being in a newsagency back in 1990 and seeing a Rolling Stone cover with Rick Rubin on it. Rubin was known to me from his work with the Beasties Boys, Run DMC and Public Enemy. Rubin had left Def Jam Records to start Def American Records and had signed The Geto Boys. The Rolling Stone article went into detail about the controversy of the album and its subsequent release through Warner Bros Records after Geffen Records dropped it. As you can imagine, a 17 year old me couldn’t get his hands on the album quick enough!

In 1991, The Geto Boys released “We Can’t Be Stopped” which had two very memorable features. The first was the cover showing Scarface and Willie D pushing Bushwick Bill down a hospital corridor shortly after Bushwick had shot himself in the eye.


The second was the phenomenal “Mind Playing Tricks On Me” which was a less gory follow up to “Mind Of A Lunatic” off the previous album. So today’s Video Of The Day is:

Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks On Me

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