Week 36: Blaq Poet “Tha Blaqprint” and 88 Keys “The Death Of Adam”

Blaq Poet – Tha Blaqprint   (Rating 7/10)

Blaq Poet has been in the game for over two decades (he dissed KRS-One back in  1987!) but having not checked out any of Screwball’s releases, this was pretty much my introduction to him. Released in June of 2009, “Tha Blaq Print” is 15 tracks in length with all but two produced by DJ Premier. The spelling of the tracks listed looks like Poet got his 5 year old to put the cover together. Neither rapper nor producer were at the top of their game for this one but there were some standout tracks.

Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed (Official Video)

Sichuwayshunz (Audio Only)


88 Keys – The Death Of Adam   (Rating 7/10)

Released in November 2008, “The Death Of Adam” is the debut from rapper/producer 88 Keys. This is a concept album following Adam and his untimely demise beginning with a morning boner and finishing with his death as a result of his love of punani. The project had Kanye West as the executive producer. The standout track for me was “Close Call” which had guest vocals from one of the best rappers out there, Phonte from Little Brother.

Close Call (ft Phonte)

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