Week 35: D-Sisive “Let The Children Die” and J.Cole “The Warm Up Mixtape”

This is a cut and paste from a thread I started in the rec.music.hip-hop newsgroup about 2 weeks ago. I will be putting my Week 36 and Week 37 thoughts up in the next few days and then on a weekly basis. Here’s the edited cut and paste…

I am lucky enough to be allowed to wear an iPod at work and I generally listen to about 2 albums of new material per week. This is because I have found that tracks tend to grow on me and if I don’t give each album a few listens, I often will miss some gems.

I’m putting my weekly thoughts and recommendations up so others can maybe discover some new stuff. Don’t worry, they won’t be full reviews. I am a huge advocate for Rap Reviews so most of the albums I listen to will have been reviewed there. Just some quick thoughts and youtube links (some video, some just audio) to the recommended tracks. That being said, here are the two albums I listened to in Week 35:

1.D-Sisive: Let The Children Die   (Rating 8/10)

Really interesting back story on this Canadian cat. Was an underground rapper that had a 6 year hiatus following his father’s death and his subsequent depression. Returned a totally different rapper. Very melancholic, often with a spoken flow. Took a few tracks before I started liking it…originally thought it might only get one listen but shit was just too real. Tracks to sample:

Nobody With A Notepad  


Glorious – interesting take on someone getting jacked (from D-Sisive’s perspective – the victim )

2. J.Cole: The Warm Up Mixtape   (Rating 8/10)

Dude thought he would be signed at an early age but wasn’t so he went to college in the meanwhile. Finished his degree and still no contract. Came to the attention of Jay-Z and was the first signing on Jay’s Roc Nation label – didn’t notice him in the “Run This Town” video but doesn’t mean he wasn’t there! Has got the type of flow that makes you think “this kid is nice” . Choice cuts:

Grown Simba  

Dreams   – unusual but creative theme with J.Cole having to stalk a girl of his dreams. Uses the beat from Kanye’s “Drive Slow” track.

There is Week 35 done. Enjoy…hopefully!

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